There are people who believe that African hair cannot grow without plaiting it; and that there is nothing else to use in order to keep it beautiful, soft, and easy to comb. Therefore, one must cut it.

But, I disagree. I believe that God, who created the African woman, gave her beautiful hair that serves both for her natural covering and adornment. And He has also provided what the African woman can use to take real good care of her hair. There is nothing impossible before God. When we believe it is impossible for our hair to grow, we limit ourselves.  But if we humble ourselves and ask God for wisdom, He will help us discover things we do not know.

I have been praying and searching for natural oils which can help take good care of my hair, and the Lord has revealed this to me. I can humbly say that God has provided everything we need.

God has created us all different in every way, even when it comes to our hair. God gave us different kinds of hair. Some have soft hair; some have hard hair, and struggle to comb it. Some have long hair which is easy to comb. But as to breaking, all hair breaks, depending on the weather and what you apply. Some use strong, harmful chemicals, which makes their hair break even more, and damages the scalp. But, if you apply healthful oils which are natural and have no chemicals, your hair will grow healthier and beautiful. The Bible says that the glory of a woman is her hair, and God has given it to her as a natural covering.

After many years of research and experiments I have done on how to keep hair natural, I came to realize that God has provided natural oils for our hair in every country.

To have soft hair which is easy to comb is a wish and desire of every Christian woman. And to make your life easier, I have come up with different natural oils for your hair. After I used these oils and experienced their wonder myself, on my hair and my daughter’s hair, I praised God in my heart and said, God, you really did provide for us what we needed.

The word of God in 1 Peter 3:3 and 1 Timothy 2:9 forbids us to plait our hair. Some believe that African hair can only be maintained and to grow is by plaiting, but this is not true. Plaiting hair actually increases the risk of baldness and loss of hair. There are also others who go to the other extreme of cutting their hair off and covering their heads. But short or cut hair is a man’s hairstyle. It is the same as wearing trousers, which is an abomination before God (1 Corinthians 11:14–15; Deuteronomy 22:5).

There are also others who add artificial hair in order to keep their hair. But this, together with covering of the hair causes the hair to fall and enhances the animal passions, as stated in the Spirit of Prophecy in the following quote: “The artificial hair and pads covering the base of the brain heat and excite the spinal nerves centering in the brain. The head should ever be kept cool. The heat caused by these artificial coverings induces the blood to the brain. The action of the blood upon the lower or animal organs of the brain, causes unnatural activity, tends to recklessness in morals, and the mind and heart are in danger of being corrupted. —The Health Reformer, October 1, 1871.” – Healthful Living, p. 185

My dear sisters, today I have good news for you. You can let your hair grow as long as possible and take good care of it without going to any extremes. God has provided a solution for your hair. He made you beautiful. He gave you beautiful hair and provided all you need to take good care of it, because He is a lover of natural beauty.

This homemade hair cream is easy and simple. All oils used are good for hair and body, and they are healthy. People spend lots of money to buy hair cream, which doesn’t give satisfying results. But I found this way simple, easy, healthy, and cheap for me. I have shared this recipe with many different people and they have all come back with positive results.  I hope it will be of good help to you, also. Don’t expect results too quickly. Ask God to help you and take one day at a time.


COCONUT OIL makes hair soft and easy to comb. It acts as a natural softener.

CASTOR OIL also makes the hair soft, thick, shiny, and easy to comb. It is also good for the skin and for health; it works as a colon cleanser (when swallowed).

SHEA BUTTER does the same work as coconut oil, it does magic on your hair. Once you apply it on your hair it makes your hair so soft, shiny, and easy to comb (I guess this is what all women out there want).

Shea butter is good to use as a lip balm. It lasts long and keeps your lips moisturized. It contains vitamins A and E. It nourishes the skin and makes it tender. Shea butter is good for babies also, for skin and hair, and it is non-toxic. It is good to apply on stretch marks. It gives relief to nasal and sinus congestion. It removes dandruff. My husband used to have trouble with dandruff, until we found out about Shea butter. And when he applied it on his hair, the dandruff disappeared. Up until now he has had no further trouble. It is best to choose natural products over refined ones, although it may not look very appealing and may have some tiny bits of seeds in it. But it is as natural as you can get. If the characteristic smell doesn’t appeal to you, bleached and de-scented butter may serve your cosmetic purposes. But such chemically extracted and refined products may not offer all of the health benefits Shea butter is known for.

OLIVE OIL is very good for the hair. In cooking it is one of the best oils. When my children were babies, I always used olive oil for their skin. When my daughter was born, she had such nice, beautiful hair; her father advised me to massage her hair with olive oil. And that is what I did until I found out about coconut oil, castor oil, and Shea butter. Up until now she still has beautiful hair. And I have never cut her hair since she was born.

The best thing about this recipe is that you can apply it on your hair, prepare it the way you want. and go out wherever and whenever you want. You can also apply it on your skin.

There are other natural oil options, in case you don’t have what I suggest. I have used: rosemary oil, garlic oil, neem oil, and avocado oil. If you have at least three of these oils, it is ok. If you do not have Shea butter it is ok; just use what you have.

Sometimes I add neem powder or rosemary powder to the hair food mixture. But this time I did not have it with me (1 tsp or ½ tsp, depending on how much your mixture is).



30 ml olive oil
30 ml unrefined coconut oil
30 ml castor oil
200 g



Melt the Shea butter by putting it in a small glass bowl; then place the bowl in a pot of hot water.

Leave it until the Shea butter is melted (do not allow it to cook or be too hot as this will destroy the necessary vitamins that will nourish your hair). Once the Shea butter has melted add other oils, mix well and pour immediately into a container. Place it in the fridge until it thickens. Then take it out and store it in a cool place. Use the mixture as your everyday nutritive hair cream.

In case you cannot find Shea butter where you are, you can mix equal parts of olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil (or one of the options I gave above). These oils can be found anywhere in the world and they can be applied on the hair with good result also.

Note: You can use the same as ointment for your skin and as a lip-balm for your lips.


Dorcas N.K. Luboya
Chewing Life Health Center
Dorcas Vegan Kitchen


Note: Even for those who do not have afro-textured hair, it is best to find the most natural products to use in your hair.