Form – Power

Many of us would have already many times gladly received the form of godliness rather than the power. Many of us would have settled happily (?) for a “normal” home, a “united” family, a “decent” job, a “respectable” reputation. But many of us have been thrown into unexplainable situations, and therefore a “normal” life has never materialized. And now, as we find our life gradually becoming more vitalized and spiritualized by the God of Heaven and earth, we find that those “normal” people in “normal” life situations are not really so happy or contented with their life; and our own lot seems much more bearable, yea, even desirable.

The heart of God yearns over His earthly children with a love stronger than death.

As we see the world literally crumbling around us, the status quo that we have desired becomes more and more meaningless in light of eternal realities. Pity sometimes fills our hearts as we consider the souls in bondage to sin who are feeding on husks and literally garbage, when they might be dining on heavenly delicacies.

The power of God sometimes displays itself in unexpected and unexplainable ways. We find spirituality where we would least expect it. People everywhere are crying out for a power out of and above themselves… “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from this body of death?” Rom. 7:24. such is the cry that has gone up from burdened hearts in all lands and in all ages. To all, there is but one answer, “Behold the Lamb of God, which takes away the sins of the world.” John 1:29. Many are the figures by which the Spirit of God tries to illustrate this truth, and make it plain to souls who long to be free from the burden of guilt.

If we just had enough money we could save the world! If we just had more men, we could save the world! Well, are the popular churches saving the world? Will giving a Bible and a Bible study to every soul in the world save every soul? Of course, we know the answer to that question. Yet there are hearts crying out all around us for something that they have not. If we had the key to their hearts we could begin to lead them into a saving relationship with their Creator and Redeemer, Lover and True Friend. Give us the key, O Lord.

“Prayer is the key in the hand of faith…”

All power is at our command; we have only to ask. “As we see so little burden of the work resting upon ministers and people, we inquire: When the Lord comes, shall He find faith on the earth?” “It is faith that is lacking. God has an abundance of grace and power awaiting our demand. But the reason we do not feel our great need of it is because we look to ourselves and not to Jesus. We do not exalt Jesus and rely wholly upon His merits.”

FAITH. What is it?


Sis. Kathleen Ross, Alberta, Canada